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Skin Care for the Over 50s

Your 50’s are a major milestone for your skin

Turning 50 isn’t the end of the world, it’s just a new chapter for young folk – as long as you have a solid skincare routine, to keep it pristine and healthy. The time has come to dump all the products that contain harmful chemical ingredients. Did you know what happened in the recipe anyway? Wouldn’t it be better to use plant-based ingredients instead?

Here are some reasons:

1. The cell-renewal process slows down.
2. The skin becomes duller because of hormonal changes.
3. These duller cells stay on the surface of the skin longer.
4. Remedy this, with gentle exfoliation.
5. The skin is less able to deal with harsh chemicals.
6. Therefore, being careful with what you use is important.
7. Your body experiences fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging.
8. Dehydrated skin is the cause, but drinking lots of water can help.
9. We don’t mean bottled water that leaves the planet littered with plastic waste.
10. It’s the simple, God given stuff from the tap.

So, what can you do about it?

It’s time to focus on moisturising.
Any skin routine should begin with a hydrating cleanser.
Something that doesn’t damage the skin barrier.
Or strip the skin of its natural oils.
Next, use active, hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid.
Plant-based, therapeutic essential oils that penetrate deep into the skin.
Organic ingredients that support the skins structure.
Components that won’t irritate the skin.
But, will restore the natural physiological composition of the skin.

The result is:

Used together, these good practices keep the skin healthy, moisturised, and looking younger.

How do we successfully achieve this?

Of course, the answer is to use SkinLikes products.

It all starts with Mother Nature

  1. Our products don’t contain chemicals and mysterious ingredients whose effects on us and our health are difficult to understand.
  2. Our skin is the largest organ in the body with several important functions.
  3. It is our protective covering acting as a barrier against environmental damage.
  4. The sensation of pain is generated by receptors in it.
  5. The nervous system, responsible for the sense of touch, the sense of pain, temperature sensing, are contained in the epidermis (outer) layer.
  6. Skin is critically important to our survival.
  7. In a way, it is a thousand open mouths waiting to absorb what you put on it.
  8. This is why it is important for us to think carefully about what we use on our skin.
  9. Our philosophy is to be open and honest about our products, and our ingredients.
  10. Plant-based, organic, good to skin and to the environment.

Our Mission & Values

Your skin tells your story, and our products provide you with the means to tell it proudly. We are the skincare of life. Our mission is to be the cleanest, most effective brand in skincare. Just like our ingredients, our values are simple and pure.

  • We are at one with nature and have complete belief in what we do. We are unique and unwilling to compromise on the very best for your skin.
  • Respectability for our customers is the practical and moral reason that pervades everything we do.
  • Customer satisfaction, quality and value for money is our priority.
  • All of our ingredients are cleanly and ethically gathered by fair means.
  • Most are harvested from plants that have spent their life growing in the open-air.
  • The aroma from our products comes from the fields in which they are grown.
  • We use purified, soft Scottish water that is so good for the skin.
  • Moreover, all of our bottles are fully recyclable.
  • What’s more, the pH of our products is around the same of that of skin (5.5), which allows us to protect your skin and its health.

Our Expertise

  • We will only sell you some thing that actually adds value to your daily life.
  • Plant based therapeutic essential oils are the active ingredients.
  • Incorporated in everything that we produce.
  • Terrific library of knowledge from university research.
  • Work with genius academics from around the world.

Our Journal

We produce weekly articles on a wide range of topics regarding health that we think you’ll find interesting and informative.
You can view our latest articles below.


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