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What is love?  How do we make it? How do we feel it? Where does it come from?  Can we buy love? These are some questions which perhaps most of us, don’t often think about, and yet the majority of people will have said “I love you” to someone during their life.  We can say we are “In love” with someone, but how does it start? A song that comes to mind is, Love Is in the Air, and if love is in the air, then there can be no hatred.  Also, the more people who think of love will help to spread it throughout the world. As soon as a new-born baby is born, the hope is that the mother will love that child throughout its life.  Who taught

By |November 17th, 2023|Health & Wellbeing|

Ten minutes of gratitude every day, and you can heal your own body.

I believe that only a few of you will have come across the intricate author Dr Joe Dispenza, or his work ‘Becoming Supernatural’, which I acquired in 2017. My initial curiosity revolved around the concept of harnessing the power of the brain for physical healing. However, even with my background in human anatomy and physiology, I found myself giving up on the book after reading just four chapters. But after my interest in mind-over-matter was re-ignited, I began watching some of his YouTube videos, and it was in one of them where I found him speaking about  the incredible benefits by having ‘gratitude’ for everything in our lives—even simple things. Our brain is an unparalleled network of connections. It comprises 86 billion brain cells connected, on average, to about 10,000 other cells.

By |November 5th, 2023|Health & Wellbeing|

Night-time sweats – Gone!

A few years back, we introduced our revolutionary deodorant to the world, and it quickly became an indispensable part of many people's daily routines. However, as time marches forward, so does our commitment to improvement. We've been attentive to the valuable feedback from our customers, particularly women who shared their experiences of waking up with a touch of morning odour. This spurred us into action. Our team put on their thinking caps and embarked on a mission to find a solution. We scoured the depths of research, tested various approaches, and eventually arrived at an ingenious answer. Consider this: the human body is a bustling ecosystem, teeming with life at an almost microscopic level. Picture around a million bacteria per square inch, forming intricate colonies, each assigned a unique role

By |August 18th, 2023|Health & Wellbeing|

World’s Oceans Microplastic rises 1000%

Data collected from almost 12,000 locations between 2005 and 2019 confirmed that the amount of plastic being found in net samples rocketed from an average estimate of 0.22million tons, to 2.33 million tons. Published in the journal Plos One and quoted in the London times in March 2023, Marcus Eriksson the co-founder of the Five Gyres Institute who led this study announced, “ we found an alarming trend of exponential growth of micro plastics in the global ocean since the millennium.” This research comes as governments scramble to negotiate a new global plastic treaty by 2024, with nations divided on the approach. Remarkably, the US favours countries deciding their own targets, while the UK, European Union and others favour a tougher phase out. Ericsson worked with teams at Australian, US,

By |April 8th, 2023|Health & Wellbeing|

Mindfulness, in harmony with your skin-care and healthcare products

Recently we found a mindfulness workshop that we would like to share with you. Recorded in 2011, the speaker was the 85-year-old Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh (pronounced Tik Nat Han). Gentle, humble and one of the most-respected Zen Masters (people who are relaxed and don’t worry about things that you cannot change), and known as the “father of mindfulness” he was a major influence on Western practices of Buddhism. He died in Vietnam in January 2022. What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is a breathing exercise that can retrain the mind to settle into the present moment. It’s like becoming a parent to your mind rather than letting it control you. It can help us deal with everyday issues more productively and it can take stress and anxiety out of our

By |October 16th, 2022|Health & Wellbeing|

Improve your sleep – here is some help!

First, you have to prioritise sleep! Most of us don’t follow the same sleep rules as every other sensible human being. Our lives are infiltrated with stimuli — and we keep stimulated until the moment we get into bed. This is not the way to get restful sleep. So, it’s no wonder we can’t sleep well when we eat late dinners, answer emails, surf the Internet, and then get right into bed and watch the evening news. Instead we must take a little “holiday” in the two hours before bed. Creating a sleep ritual — a special set of little things you do before bed to help ready your system physically and psychologically for sleep — can guide your body into a deep, healing sleep. Here’s how restore your natural

By |May 19th, 2022|Health & Wellbeing|

“Just wanted to let you know I have ordered 2 more bottles of muscle ease. I have ‘planter faciitis’ which is very painful. By rubbing into sole and heel as well as lower leg every day I can walk without pain. I also use joint ease for other pains.”

June Strachan • Kent

“Although I don’t have to use your Joint and Muscle Ease lotions daily, they are a godsend for easing the aches and pains of gardening, housework, decorating and other heavy jobs. A must for the first aid box.”

Eileen Browse • Wallasey

“Thanks for the Joint Ease and Muscle Ease lotions and for the information about back pain that you sent me. My job and way of life allows that much like most farmers I have to work hard, often bent over feeding cattle or whatever. Over the years my back pain has just got worse and worse. My doctor gave me nothing but pills. Now I find that by applying your Joint Ease up my spine and the Muscle ease generally on my lower back and the cheeks of my buttocks and backs of my legs (that also get sore) I can live a fairly normal and pain-free life. Thanks for this and for your great products.”

Jock Valance • Farmer

“Just to say that I could not sleep because of the pain in my hip. I bought some Joint-Ease last week and have applied it twice a day. It’s terrific. I can now sleep at night without pain. Thanks so much.”

Mrs Bromiley • Sunderland


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