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What is love?  How do we make it? How do we feel it? Where does it come from?  Can we buy love? These are some questions which perhaps most of us, don’t often think about,

LOVE COSTS NOTHING2023-11-17T16:15:49+00:00

Night-time sweats – Gone!


A few years back, we introduced our revolutionary deodorant to the world, and it quickly became an indispensable part of many people's daily routines. However, as time marches forward, so does our commitment to improvement.

Night-time sweats – Gone!2023-08-18T14:46:15+01:00

World’s Oceans Microplastic rises 1000%


Data collected from almost 12,000 locations between 2005 and 2019 confirmed that the amount of plastic being found in net samples rocketed from an average estimate of 0.22million tons, to 2.33 million tons. Published in

World’s Oceans Microplastic rises 1000%2023-04-09T13:00:28+01:00

Improve your sleep – here is some help!


First, you have to prioritise sleep! Most of us don’t follow the same sleep rules as every other sensible human being. Our lives are infiltrated with stimuli — and we keep stimulated until the moment

Improve your sleep – here is some help!2022-05-19T12:01:04+01:00


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