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SkinLikes – Organic Maintenance for the skin

Organic, Plant Powered and Eco-Friendly

Soft Scottish water is terrific for the skin, so that is what we start with. Then we add organic ingredients that come from sustainable plants growing on this earth. The tubes for most of our products use plastic made from sugarcane waste that itself can later be recycled.

Free delivery to every customer in the UK

We are dismayed that some companies charge extra when delivering a parcel to some of the remoter parts of the UK. But to us, our lovely customers, you are all the same. So, if you live on an island or in a town, village or city anywhere in the UK, you are all indistinguishable and one of our family. The cost of delivering a parcel to anywhere – and we mean all of the UK – is just the same, no matter where you live.

Care for our planet and our customer

Our products are cruelty free; suitable for use by vegans, and as they come flowers (in Persian Silk Moisturiser), plants of many kinds and fruits (lemon, orange and lime oils are cold-pressed from their skin); the sources are sustainable and ethical. Our packaging is made with plastic that’s produced from sugarcane waste that can then itself be recycled with other of ‘our easy to recycle’ packaging.

Moisturising – and it’s importance to your skin

Our journey to be the very best, organic skincare manufacturer is an ongoing and never ending project.

First we studied anatomy & physiology to find out what makes a human being tick; the internal organs, the muscles and of course the skin.
Next we carried out our own research at four Scottish universities where we gave them challenges that were new to them.
Then we trawled the world, searching scientific journals for quality, peer-reviewed articles about skincare.
From this, we selected the best of information on how to moisturise, and keep the skin healthy.
Last, we made our own products, where we are fortunate to have soft, Scottish water that itself is so good for skincare.
Our ingredients are clean and organic; supplied to us from small, artisan suppliers where we can trace the product from the field where it is grown.

Allergy advice

Honesty in everything that we do comes first, and no matter what product anyone manufactures, the truth is that there can sometimes be someone who will have an allergy. Thankfully, the clean organic nature of our products greatly reduces the risk. However, if you think that you may be in any way allergic to anything that you have put on your skin, then please read our article with allergy advice or send us a question (advice@skinlikes.co.uk) before using any of our products. We are here to help.

gluten free
natural ingredients
not tested on animals

Innovative Health Products

Our family-based skincare business in the West of Scotland uses technology from the best available evidence, providing skincare products that are effective and safe for use and focussed on helping the human body in a variety of ways.

Our SkinLikes Health Articles

We produce weekly articles on a wide range of topics regarding health that we think you’ll find interesting and informative. You can view our latest articles below.

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