From Ayrshire to Argyll. Clean, organic skincare using pure soft water and ingredients from Mother Nature

Organic, Natural Skin Care Products

Our mission is to leave the planet a better place than we found it – that’s our promise

We are Plant Powered and Eco-Friendly

It all starts with soft Scottish water (from the area where we are located) that is terrific for the skin. Then we add organic ingredients that come from sustainable plants growing on this earth. The tubes for most of our products use plastic made from sugarcane waste that itself can later be recycled.

Fairness to every customer in the UK

We are dismayed that some companies charge extra when delivering a parcel to some of the remoter parts of the UK. But to us, our lovely customers, you are all the same. So, if you live on an island or in a town, village or city anywhere in the UK, you are all indistinguishable and one of our family. The cost of delivering a parcel to anywhere – and we mean all of the UK – is just the same, no matter where you live.

Moisturising is of the utmost importance to your skin

But what’s best to use and what is the truth? We don’t know all the answers but we do know where to look for explanations and research about what’s best for skincare. So please read our newsletters, and you will find good advice on a wide range of topics centred around health from our team.

Vegan, perfect and pure

Of course we are, taking care of our planet and the all the inhabitants of our earth is our priority. We strive to produce the purest products available. Of course if you think that you may been any way allergic to anything that you have put on your skin, then please read our article with allergy advice before using any of our products. We are here to help – and we have lots we can help with.

Skin Repair