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Caring for 50+ Skin

Organic, Plant Powered and Eco-Friendly

Soft Scottish water is terrific for the skin, so that is what we start with. Then we add organic ingredients that come from sustainable plants growing on this earth. The tubes for most of our products use plastic made from sugarcane waste that itself can later be recycled.

Care for our planet and our customer

Our products are cruelty free; suitable for use by vegans, and as they come flowers (in Persian Silk Moisturiser), plants of many kinds and fruits (lemon, orange and lime oils are cold-pressed from their skin); the sources are sustainable and ethical. Our packaging is made with plastic that’s produced from sugarcane waste that can then itself be recycled with other of ‘our easy to recycle’ packaging.

What we do and how we do it

Innovative Health Products

Our family-based skincare business in the West of Scotland uses technology from the best available evidence.
Providing skincare products that are effective and safe for use and focussed on helping the human body in a variety of ways.

Our Journal

We produce weekly articles on a wide range of topics regarding health that we think you’ll find interesting and informative.
You can view our latest articles below.

Skin Repair


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