Mrs M. Cardiff: I am very pleased with the ‘ease’ I get from your joint lotion. Please forward two bottles.

Mr G. Edinburgh: Thank you for your good products. Cheery and efficient way that you look after my needs.

Mrs K. Melton Constable: Your Joint Ease is the only thing that helps the pain in my arthritic fingers.

Mr A. Strathhalladale: Greatest stuff since sliced bread. Keep up the good work.

Mr D. Southampton: Sorry we don’t have e-mail, etc, but do find your products very helpful. And they smell so nice. I’m on a fair bit of medication and can’t use lots of pain killers. So these things have been a God send. Thank you so much.

Mrs P. Oban: Excellent product. Only deodorant I can use. No side effects.

Hazel in Derbyshire: I have just had the plaster removed from my wrist after breaking it. I am rubbing in Joint Ease and I am confident it will free up my wrist joint, like it has done with my knee.

Mrs E M. Northwood: I have ordered Joint Easer lotion a number of times. It never disappoints.

Mrs A G. Grangemouth: Joint Ease. I find this lotion very good for my lower back, and also arthritic fingers.

Mrs E. Harrogate: Joint Ease. Absolutely Brilliant – what can I say.

Mrs C. Renfrew: Joint Ease. Still enjoying relief from lotion.

Lindsay (west Scotland)  – “I just wanted to write and thank you again for providing the Muscle Ease lotion for my marathon training and for helping me run in the London Marathon. Throughout my nine months of training I had just relied on a stretching routine, hot baths and my foot spa. Usually I had muscle stiffness the day after training. I cried when it hurt. Then I tried Muscle-Ease massage balm. The biggest difference was noted the morning after when I was able to get up with no stiffness at all. I felt as if my legs were rested and ready to train again, a huge benefit for the runner building up the miles. Thank you again. You have a great product.”

Mrs Allan from Suffolk writes – “I bought some Skin-Repair massage balm for my hands but started to use it on my feet. I have long-term problem with the result that my feet were horrible. I am so pleased to say that after using your lovely product, my feet are brand new. I cannot thank you enough.”

Tom Wilson from Sussex writes – “I just wanted to commend you on the Joint Ease lotion you produce. I have arthritis in both my feet, my right hand and now my left shoulder – and your lotion is definitely helping with mobility and is providing relief.”

Christine Hunter from Oxford writes – ” I have flaky skin on my forehead that is really itchy. One application of https://skinlikes.co.uk/product/skin-repair-lotion/ and the flaking disappeared and so did the itching. Well dine and thank you for such a lovely, organic product that works so well.”

Mrs A. Morpeth: Tried other stuff, but your is better.

Mrs M. Derbyshire: I have at last had a successful knee op, but still need your valued Joint Ease for my other knee. I hope the Coronavirus is not affecting you. We seem OK here and I am still walking the dog twice a day.

Mrs G. Stockport: Skin Repair has greatly helped my nasty varicose vein problem.

Mrs C. Carluke: My arms were aching last night after too much gardening. Applied a mix of Joint Ease and Muscle Ease. Made a huge difference.

Mr W. Dundee: I really like the Skin Repair cream. It works very well for me.

Mr D. Chelmsford: I will be very happy to recommend your products to my friends and family.

Mrs McB. Wishaw: Thanks for the lovely Persian Silk moisturiser. I will 93 next week.

Mrs J Gloucestershire writes – “I write to say thanks for your marvellous Skin-Repair massage balm product.  I have had a difficulty on the sole of my foot for the last three years. Last week, of my own volition, I applied some of your Skin-Repair balm and massaged it into the area. In a week, my rough and damaged skin is so, so much better. I am so thankful to you for this lovely product. Kind regards.”

Robert from central Scotland writes – “I have written to you several times about a skin issue. Without a shadow of doubt I would’ve been a lot more uncomfortable had it not been for the Skin-Repair massage balm. Thanks again.”

Evelyn from Glasgow: “I’m using your Skin Repair lotion as my hand cream choice at present and it is keeping my hands nice and soft, despite all the Covid-related hand washing.”

Jim from Stirling: “Thank you for the paper on the breathing exercise and advice to do it every day. I am 90 years old and fairly fit (and computer literate). My knees benefit from using your Joint Ease.”

Sheila from Gloucester: “I have started using Persian Silk Hydration Moisturiser. It leaves a slight tingle and tightening to it on my skin that’s probably a fabulous thing. It flows well and absorbs very quickly too.”

Ron from Bristol: “Whilst I have no expertise in what your skin products contain, I can say that the two SkinLikes products I have used are excellent and do make ones skin and joints better than before.”