Okay, I’m going to assume (and hope) that you applied your sunscreen to every bit of your exposed skin – and its a good quality one too.  There’s really no excuse not to when you’ve got so many options these days, but maybe—despite your best efforts—you still got burned. It happens to the best of us. So, I’m willing to bet you may just be having to  deal with painful sunburn that might be inflamed, sensitive, and overall just horribly uncomfortable. That’s why you should always have an after-sun lotion on hand, because as anyone who has ever had sunburn knows, your skin wants to feel speedy, sweet relief.

Prolonged sun exposure can leave your skin red, swollen and dry and the secret in prevention is first to wear a good quality sunscreen and to enjoy the shade as much as you can; but sometimes you slip up and you’re desperate for something to relieve the pain.

We are not ashamed to say that SkinLikes After Sun is the world’s best. It’s a top quality product thats 100% hand made by the SkinLikes team. Using only natural, plant-based ingredients and a wonderful blend of special essential oils, it’s ultra hydrating, exceptional qualities will allow you to feel instant relief and immediate cooling. Within just a few minutes of applying, the skin will start to lose its burning sensation, and once all the ingredients have been absorbed, it will feel calm and soothed. You won’t peel, and as a result your tan will last longer. It doesn’t get any better than this. And it’s a lovely product that we have sold every year since 2008.

In looking for the best aftersun, our yardstick insists that it must be soothing, hydrating and moisturising as well as being able to calm any irritation caused by sun exposure – with the added benefit of prolonging a sun-kissed glow, the key thing you should look for is a formula that has a high water content. This is essential to help your skin recover from the inflammation caused by sunburn, but it doesn’t end there, because we add Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic acid too. Then the essential oil blend, the clever bit in this formula kicks in, where the oils that we use have skin soothing and repairing qualities as their natural attributes. These oils are found naturally in plants where they use the oils within them to repair their own damage. They don’t have anyone to rub it it, and just have to do it themselves. So, we are piggy-backing on technology that has been around for thousands of years.

The bottles are aluminium, which is the most readily available metal in the world, so all that you have to do is wash it out and put it into the recycling, where it can be ‘recycled forever’. It’s as simple as that!

Special Offer:  Now that the hot weather seems to be with us for a while, we are offering three bottles for the price of two. Thats a saving of £13.95. We are just so confident that you will love the product and return, like most of our customers over and over again.

Happy, sunny days to you all.